How Can Your Ob/Gyn Practice Benefit from Outsourced Billing

Did you know that nearly one third of small businesses have more than $20,000 in outstanding accounts receivable? How can your Ob/Gyn practice benefit from outsourced billing? At Cross Country Medical Billing our focus is to help your practice grow through effective Revenue Cycle Management. By knowing the Ob/Gyn industry like the back of our hand we are able to shorten claims processing times and increase revenue.

What makes Ob/Gyn Billing Different? 

If you are experienced in dealing with medical billing, you know not all claims are processed the same way. First in Ob/Gyn the recommended tests and procedures are constantly changing due to advances in technology. To effectively submit each claim only once the proper diagnoses to support each CPT, ICD-10 or HCPCS are necessary. Because of this, the team at Cross Country Medical Billing actively pursues continuing education opportunities to stay up to date on the latest billing techniques. Second, when billing Ob/Gyn procedures there are often multiple-procedures billed at the same time; this often complicates the process. By having our outsourced billing staff take care of this process you can rest assured that it is being done the right way the first time. Most Ob/Gyn practices see underpayments decreased by 7 to 10 percent.

Will your Ob/Gyn practice benefit from outsourced billing?

Certainly the rules and regulations around insurance billing are ever-evolving. Do you or your staff have the skill base and knowledge to effectively submit and dispute claims? Do you have the time to follow up with unprocessed claims? How much time is wasted by resubmitting claims that weren’t submitted properly the first, second or third time? By outsourcing your Ob/Gyn billing you can effectively manage your revenue cycle. When you are no longer focused on the billing aspect of your practice you are able to focus on patient care. Your overhead can go down when you outsource this part of your practice, by using a contractor instead of a staff member your payroll liabilities are decreased. 

Not Ready for A Full Outsource? 

Does your Ob/Gyn practice already have a billing team? At Cross Country Medical Billing we thrive on taking a broken system and implementing proven techniques that get any billing department running like a top. We will come in and provide a detailed audit of your billing to find where additional training and processes are needed so your current team can effectively manage your revenue cycle moving forward.